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AKTIVHOTEL Weisser Hirsch
AWH Hotelbetriebs GmbH

Vienna Street 6
A-8630 Mariazell

Phone:  +43 3882 31076

UID: ATU66815155
Company registration nr:  370246f
Companies court:  Leoben

Managing Director:  KommR Lieselotte Sailer




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Werbeagentur Gössler & Sailer OG

Special offer for you

Room 'Pilgrim (Pilger)' (simple furnishing) with view on Mariazell Basilika!
1 night in room "Pilger" from Euro 79,00 per person in a double...
Special arrangement for tour cyclists and mountain bike riders - 1 night in double room comfort from Euro 92,00 per person
Flexible offer for relaxing or hiking - 2 nights incl. breakfast from Euro 179,00
3 nights including half-board from Euro 249,00 per person or
4 nights including half-board from Euro 319,00 per person
Experience the famous Advent at Mariazell! Bookable Wednesday to Monday - 2 nights from Euro 265,00 per person
- Contemplative Christmas days and festive Christmas dinner included - 3 nights from Euro 298,00 per person
- flexible offer for winter hikers, cross country skiers, sledders and skiers -
2 or 3 nights from Euro 179,00 per person