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Mariazell offers a variety of different museums and attractions. Visit interesting tours and tastings and immerse yourself in the knowledge of bygone times.

Basilica Mariazell 
The Roman Catholic Basilica of Mariazell is the most important place of pilgrimage in Austria, one of the most important in Europe and the only one with the title of a national shrine (Catholic) in German-speaking countries. In the place of grace, founded in the 12th century, a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary is worshiped.

Around 1103, the area around Mariazell was donated to St. Lambrecht Abbey, which founded monastic cells there in order to proselytize the local population. Legend has it that the founding of the place of pilgrimage dates back to 21st December 1157. Mariazell is first mentioned in records in 1243. A Marian altar was consecrated in 1266. To this day, the place of pilgrimage is cared for by monks from St. Lambrecht Monastery, Mariazell's current superior is Father Michael Staberl OSB, a native of Mariazell.

Local History Museum Mariazell "Heimathaus"
From citizen hospital to museum: Today's museum Mariazell was created in the early 17th century as a "lower hospital" to supply the poorest. In front of this house, however, processions were put together to march from here singing and praying trough the Wiener Straße to the basilica.

When, after the construction of a modern retirement home, the poorhouse was abandoned, in 1967 this house - structurally unchanged over the centuries - was the perfect setting for a local history museum.
As a local museum, it documents the varied history of Mariazell and its surroundings in numerous showrooms spread over five floors.

Pharmacy "The Mother of Mercy" / „Zur Gnadenmutter“
Founded in 1718, the "The Mother of Mercy" pharmacy in Mariazell can look back on a 300-year tradition of translating the knowledge of traditional European medicine into daily work and the production of medicines from valuable European medicinal plants for the benefit of the people. For more than 300 years, this valuable knowledge has been passed from one generation of pharmacists to the next.

Dr. Angelika Prentner, owner and manager of the pharmacy today, continues this legacy to preserve it for posterity. She has constantly supplemented the product range in dealing with nature, the changes and new demands of today's life. She is also keen to pass on the valuable healing knowledge from traditional European medicine in combination with today's modern medicine - in the form of seminars at the first medical school of the TEM, pharmacy tours in the house, lectures, media appearances, medicinal herb hikes, books , articles in pharmacies own journals as well as in various specialized magazines. The pharmacy "Zur Gnadenmutter" was taken up in April 2017 into the intangible cultural heritage Austria "pharmacy-own house specialties".

Lake Hubertus & Walster
The area along the Walster belongs to the Austrian Federal Forests. The entire valley of the Walster is a nature reserve. There are extensive hunting and fishing grounds here. Monuments testify that in the valley e.g. Emperor Franz Joseph I, Count Morzin and the Prussian military Karl von Bülow also stopped for hunting.

On the shores of Lake Hubertus is the Brother Klaus Church (built 1966-1967), which is dedicated to St. Niklaus of Flüe. The Walster is also used by kayakers at higher water levels.

Train Line "Mariazellbahn"
The most beautiful combination of technology and nature: from the provincial capital of St. Pölten through the picturesque Pielachtal valley and the ÖTSCHER: REICH to the pilgrimage town of Mariazell, via 19 viaducts and through 21 tunnels: the trip with the longest narrow-gauge railway in Austria is very impressive. In addition to the modern sets of the Himmelstreppe are also the exclusive panoramic cars 1st class and nostalgic trains on the move, pulled either by the historic electric loco or the steam locomotive Mh.6. 

Erlebzelterei Pirker (gingerbread)
The profession of "Lebzelters", "Wachsziehers" and "Metsieders" was and is particularly maintained and lived in places of pilgrimage. The Pirker family has also established Mariazell as a hotspot for gingerbread lovers and lovers. A sweet smell of honey, spices and gingerbread lies in the Mariazeller air. For here, the unique Mariazeller honey gingerbread has been baked here for more than 300 years. The spice mixture is considered a closely guarded secret, and the traditional recipes are handed down from generation to generation. And not only that! True to the motto "everything from the bee", honey is also artfully transformed into Met, honey brandy and real beeswax. 

Liqueur factory Caj. Arzberger
The beneficial effect of the "Mariazeller Magenlikör" has been known for generations well beyond the borders of our country. But where it comes from is a closely guarded secret. Cajetan Arzberger, was the first in 1883, who could offer the beneficial effects of herbs in the form of a stomach liqueur in Mariazell to the numerous pilgrims from the entire monarchy. Its wonderful blend of 33 herbs helps to date with bloating, disorders in the digestive tract, loss of appetite and a stale stomach. The careful extraction of jointly prepared roots, leaves, seeds and fruits brings the raw materials for further processing to the known liqueurs.

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